• Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Procedure:

When can I expect a call with my surgical date and time?

You will be call and given a date for surgery by our surgical scheduler 1 week after your physicians office appointment. Surgical dates are based upon physician’s availability at the Surgical Center.

If your physician has requested cardiac or medical clearance from your specialist or Primary Care provider, your surgery/procedure will be scheduled once the appropriate clearance has been obtained.

You will be called with your surgical arrival time the afternoon prior to your surgery/procedure. You will also be given and additional information at that time that pertains to your surgery/procedure.

Do I take my medication the day of surgery?

You will be instructed by a nurse under the supervision of your physician on which medications to take the day of surgery. You may also be instructed to stop blood thinners prior to surgery.

Why can’t I have anything to eat or drink before surgery requiring anesthesia?

The are several reasons for this rule. First of all, if there are content in your stomach you are more likely to get nauseated and sick after surgery. Second, these contents can be regurgitated and inhaled into the lungs. This can cause complications including severe pneumonia.

Day of Procedure:

What should I bring with me on the day of surgery?

Please bring a photo ID, your insurance cards and any co-insurance payments that were quoted to you. Additionally, if you are having anesthesia or sedation, we require that a licensed driver over the age of 18 remain on the premises until you are discharged.

Please bring any completed medical forms with you on the day of surgery. Feel free to bring a book or your electronics (ipad/laptop) and enjoy our free wifi while you wait or recover.

What should I wear?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. Please leave all jewelry at home. You will need to remove all jelery, dentures, hearing aids, glasses and contact lenses prior to surgery if you are having anesthesia. Please remember to leave ALL valuables at home.

Post Procedure:

When can I travel?

Generally speaking, you may travel within a few days after your surgery unless otherwise directed by the physician.

What happens if I cannot urinate after the procedure?

If it is before 5pm on a normal business day please contact the physician’s office at 843-347-2450. After 5pm please contact the physician on call at 843-347-2450.

Will I have a foley catheter after my procedure?

Because you are having a urological procedure, there is always the possibility/potantial to have a foley catheter in place upon discharge home. However, generally speaking, the vast majority of patients do not go home with a catheter in place.

How much will I have to pay?

Our insurance specialists will call your insurance provider one week prior to your surgery/procedure to coordinate your benefits and obtain prior authorization. The “estimated patient responsibility” that our specialists quote is a calculation based upon your health plan design and contracted health plan rates. Anesthesia feed, physician fees and lab/pathology fees will be billed separately by those specific providers.

Who do I contact regarding questions about my bill?

Please call Billing at 843-286-2020, ext. 313

Who do I contact if I have a grievance?

Please contact our Administrator, Kirsten Anderson at 843-286-2020, ext. 303 or email kanderson@pkwysurg.com

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